4 Abril, 2016

Why Attend?


Since 2013, AMEXCAP organizes the most important Mexican Private Equity conference overseas, which represents an opportunity to learn about the overall investment opportunities in Mexico.

The main objective of this flagship event is to catalyze foreign investment in Mexico. The most active GPs in Mexico, advisory firms, entrepreneurs and investors will share their experience in the Mexican PE market. It is crucial to be informed, in these times of change for Mexico. Expert panelists will shed light on topics of great significance and impact for Mexico and its Private Equity industry, such as: Mexico’s 2017 macroeconomic outlook, the future of Mexico’s international trade agreements due to the impact of the US’s protectionism, Institutional Investors’s policies facing the national and international economic scene, General Partners’ best practices to find qualified investment opportunities and to make portfolio companies prosper in a globalized world.

Mexico remains as a dynamic market full of talent and expertise. Domestic demand continues to be one of the strongest driving forces of the Mexican economy, the industrial and manufacturing sectors are still solid. New investment vehicles keep the industry moving forward, like the Real Estate Trust for the Energy Sector and Infrastructure (FIBRA E), Investment Projects backed Certificates (CerPI); as well as the changes in the rules for Private Equity Trusts (FICAP). Institutional Investors are still putting their trust on General Partners, who in turn, keep deploying millions of dollars of capital to invest in companies – creating jobs and professionalizing them.

Mexico PE Day 2016

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